It is our privilege to guide you through your options for full implant bridge treatment.

We set aside a significant amount of time for your first consultation to get to know you, your current dental condition and goals for your smile.

We are totally committed to ensuring that you are fully informed of all your options for treatment and will endeavour to find the best possible outcome for your situation. The first appointment will go something like this:

  • Discussion – explore your concerns and desired outcomes
  • Oral examination – this allows us to identify the issues and understand their cause 
  • Data collection – important data such as CT Scan, facial images and digital impressions of the mouth are collected
  • Assessment – with your profile now complete we will analyse the data and discuss the reality of dental treatment, maintenance and long-term expectations
  • Decision time – you will come away with a clear understanding of what treatments will suit your individual needs. Sometimes the choice is clear, and you may decide on the spot. Other times the choice is not so easy, and we may need to get an opinion from another dental specialist. In all situations, we encourage you to discuss the issues raised with your significant others
  • Finish – we give you copies of our notes and explanatory leaflets for your records so that you can use them for future reference.

Our team is committed to ensuring that you are well informed and educated about the choices available to you as we work together to restore your dental health. Our specialists are experts in their field and our auxiliary team are here to support you throughout your treatment and are ready to answer any questions you may have

Our service is built on trust, respect and collaboration. We aspire to provide you with the best possible dental experience and treatment outcomes throughout your journey.

Always feel comfortable contacting our team if we can be of service.