Your patients suitability for the AuDentes® procedure is dependent on several factors including their dental needs and general health.

As you would be aware dental implants are well accepted by most patients, however, there are some individuals with a higher risk of complications including those who have poor healing, are smokers, have uncontrolled diabetics or who are taking some immune suppressant or osteoporosis medications. These risk factors may increase the failure rate.

During their first visit your patient will undergo a complete assessment by our team and their suitability for all treatment options will be established. If not already provided we will take CBCT scans, intraoral scan, extraoral images and then conduct an assessment of their current dental situation. All options of treatment will be discussed with your patient and they will be provided with not only a verbal outline of their options but also written notes from the appointment.

We welcome open discussions with patients, love questions and try to understand treatment from a patients perspective. Patient education is absolutely key to establishing trust and assisting your patients to receive the best possible care available, whatever treatment approach they choose to adopt. Patient education is also essential for continued oral health after their procedure  and we see it as part an important part of our role to support you as you strive for positive outcomes for your patients.



Unlike other edentulous protocols Audentes implant bridge is designed and fitted by a specialist led team of Oral Maxilla surgeon and restorative clinician in a hospital setting. However the role of the referring family dentist or general clinician should never be underestimated nor undervalued. We see that collaboration with referring dentists is essential to the delivery of positive clinical outcomes for patients. It is a role that requires support and protection. No one knows your patients as well as you do and after caring for them  over many years, possibly decades, it is important that referring dentists remain involved in the ongoing care of their patients.

To support dentists  in post-operative care for the AuDentes patient we run CPD lectures and training workshops several times throughout the year in various Asia-Pacific locations.

See our AuDentes Academy for more information.



Do you have patients who may benefit from the provision of the AuDentes® implant bridge? Or perhaps you are unsure of the appropriateness of this treatment for your patients?

We are committed to assisting our colleagues to support their patients appropriately and have developed an assessment tool which you may submit for  personal guidance on your cases.

Simply gather the information as seen below and submit for an understanding of the suitability of your cases. If appropriate, our team will happily support you to make a more formal diagnostic patient appointment where a full and definitive assessment will be conducted by the provider of your choice, after which your patient will have a clear picture of all that is involved in the process including costs, contraindications and clinical protocol.

If the submitted patient information is deemed inappropriate for this solution you will be advised within 24 hours, which allows you the opportunity for further treatment planning and discussions with your patient.

Patient Suitability Tool